Smart Phone Storage Lockers – Provides Mobile Phone/ Ipad Lockers for Homes, Educational Providers /Workplaces  and Social Venues.

If you or your family are spending much to much time on Mobile Phones/Ipads this great little 6 door unit especially designed for the home is a must to take back control.

6 door locker with view hole

As an Educator – do you want to reduce the major distraction of students Mobile Phones?

This great unit sits in the classroom and gives the teacher overall control with this added feature – lockable outer doors.


Emergency contact instructions while mobile phone in Locker.

Post 178, setup 4th June - 17 smart docking jpg

As an employer – do you want the following at your workplace?

  • Improved productivity?
  • Staff more focused when at work?
  • Safer work environment, less accidents?
  • Phones are stored for employees.

  • Cost Savings for employers immediately!

Employees can become distracted, which affects their quality of work and can become a danger.Affecting people’s happiness and influencing the way relationships are built

Savings example on lost productivity for employers:
One hr per day        * each employee
Five days per week * each employee

10 employees on $25 per hr = ($250) per day = ($1250) per week.

Boost your businesses Productivity!

Take up the challenge and change the work place!

Mobile Phones are ‘Productivity killers at work’ and encourages less communication with the people that are around you!

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