Smart Phone Storage Lockers- Mobile Phone Lockers for Homes/Schools/Worksites/and Social Environments.  

    Students have less Distractions/ More Focus and Better Performance Out Comes and can have other benefits:

  • Short-Sightedness (Myopia) through screen over use. (Affects 19% of 12-year-olds)
  • Cyber Bulling

 Businesses who need their staff to be focused  on their  job. How can Mobile Lockers help solve this problem?

  • Productivity increase through less time staff spend looking at their phones during work hours.
  • Better safety, with staff more focused on their work without distractions or interruptions from sms messaging or phone calls.
  • Can help reduce the overall excessive mobile daily use (Nomophobia). Where a person is constantly checking their phones out of habit during work hours.
  • The phones are locked away in the Lockers for security and safety.
  • Stops staff constantly checking other applications on their phones, such as: facebook, playing games and updating profiles.
  • Deadlines are more adhered to and can reduce forced overtime due to lack of attention in their work.
  • A written policy on mobile phone usage at work that employees must sign is crucial to compliance of cell phone use at work

 Patent registered and copyright Feb 2016