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Patent registered and copyright Feb 2016

Smart Phone Storage Lockers

Innovative & best work practice!

Productivity/Customer Service/Safety/Focus
All those things 
Matter. We can all ‘do better!’

Why choose to store staff’s mobiles?

Productivity increase of approx 20%.
More focused staff at work.
Safer work environment!
Budget priced phone lockers!


One in  four workers (24 percent) admitted that, during a typical workday, they will spend at least
one hour a  day on personal calls, emails or texts & social media.

Twenty-one percent, estimated that they spend
one hour or more during a typical workday visiting non-work related websites.

Workers—attention/focus, distracted and find ways to sneak a look at phone.

Safety and  accidents, due to lack  of focus on the job.

Addiction to technology—Nomophobia!

Lost business due to employees not being attentive to client or customer.


Smart Phone Storage Lockers- Mobile Phone Lockers for Homes/Schools/Worksites/and Social Environments.  

    Students have less Distractions/ More Focus and Better Performance Out Comes and can have other benefits:

  • Short-Sightedness (Myopia) through screen over use. (Affects 19% of 12-year-olds)
  • Cyber Bulling

 Businesses who need their staff to be focused  on their  job. How can Mobile Lockers help solve this problem?

  • Productivity increase through less time staff spend looking at their phones during work hours.
  • Better safety, with staff more focused on their work without distractions or interruptions from sms messaging or phone calls.
  • Can help reduce the overall excessive mobile daily use (Nomophobia). Where a person is constantly checking their phones out of habit during work hours.
  • The phones are locked away in the Lockers for security and safety.
  • Stops staff constantly checking other applications on their phones, such as: facebook, playing games and updating profiles.
  • Deadlines are more adhered to and can reduce forced overtime due to lack of attention in their work.
  • A written policy on mobile phone usage at work that employees must sign is crucial to compliance of cell phone use at work

 Patent registered and copyright Feb 2016